July 23, 2024

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The 6 Best Living Room Trends of 2024

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We all have that one friend whose apartment is the go-to hang out spot, whether they’re hosting a chic-as-hell party with lots of snacks and cheap champagne, or a cutesy little movie night. Maybe you’re that friend! Either way, you’re here because you know that the living room is the ultimate gathering spot, and because of that, it can sometimes go through a lot of wear and tear.

Sure, could you invest in a luxe extra-deep sofa or snag a few new gorge throw blankets to perk up your living room? Of course. But if you want to try something a little different, we tapped top-tier interior designers to spill all their industry secrets on what’s going to be trending in nearly every living room this year. And spoiler: the living room trends of 2024 are all about going big and embracing being ~extra~, which I, for one, am absolutely Here! For!

So whether you want a memorable space that lives in all of your guests’ minds rent free, or one that is soothing but still joy-inducing, the 2024 living room trends below will help you create the most enviable vibes in your drabby ol’ apartment. Scroll on for the best living room trends of 2024 to steer you on a Very Stylish Journey.

Lots of Drama

a living room with a tv and couches abby silverman

If you’re not doing the most, then you’re likely doing the least…and that is definitely *not* the vibe we’re going for here. “For the past decade, home design television has been presenting a very minimalist, colorless aesthetic,” says Manhattan-based interior designer Tara McCauley. “I think that people have a renewed interest in designing their homes in such a way that makes them happy.” You can go full maximalist to add drama, either with funky shaped furniture and decor, bold colors, and a whole lot of texture.

Rugs With Cutouts

a living room with a large glass table and a large window

Adam Macchia

Dramatic overhead lighting is predicted to have a moment this year, but don’t skip out on adding visual interest to your floors too. Stunning rugs with cutouts—yes! cutouts!—is such an eye-catching and sexy detail that can enhance an entire room, says interior designer Tova Kook, founder and lead designer at TK Design. “Rugs having cut-out areas create a negative space that forms an unparalleled sculptural element,” says Kook. Sign. Me. Up.

Layers of Interest

a living room with a couch and a coffee table

LeeAnn Cline/Unsplash

“We have seen a continued focus on more saturated, layered, and detailed rooms, and a shift away from the all-white interiors of the past few years,” says interior designer Ryann Swan. In her designs, Swann goes for lighting, furniture, and art pieces that are timeless, elegant, and add a “wow” moment for the eye. If you wanna be like Swann (and trust me, ya do) try adding more color, distinctive pieces, prints, and luxe materials (like mohair!) to your living room in a way that feels effortless and cohesive.


a living room with a couch and a chair


This trend will definitely make you do a double take, but in the best way possible. According to Kook, avant-garde accessories, like unique and unusual artwork and one-of-a-kind trinkets from your trips, are basically necessities in your living room. “Eclectic pieces that are vintage or daring are not only conversation starters, but also intrigue the space,” says Kook. “These pieces give a space personality and make one look worldly, on top of chicly stylish.” Try mixing vintage and new accessories for a contrasting effect that tell a story, suggests Kook.

Oversized Coffee Tables

a white couch with a white coffee table and a painting on the wall

Kaila Edwards

Many believe the couch is the focal point of a living room, and they’re not wrong. But your coffee table is a very close second, and it deserves the same amount of attention and respect. Hawaii-based interior designer Shaolin Low, founder of Studio Shaolin, agrees. And for her, the bigger, the better. “I love a table that serves a purpose and is useful to everyone who is sitting down,” she says. “I think there is a way for it to be big, but still have balance with the seating around it.”


a living room with a yellow couch and a coffee table

Max Rahubovskiy/Pexels

Introducing a layer of material that screams quiet luxury. Marble can be added to nearly any setting and become the new scene stealer in a living room. “Statement marble is expected to be a prominent trend for living room design trends this year,” says Alissa Johnson, founder and principal designer of Alissa Johnson Interiors. “These not only serve a functional purpose by enhancing coziness, but also serve as a stylish way to make a bold statement and elevate the overall room aesthetics.”

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