June 14, 2024

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Gastronomy-inspired decoration is the latest design craze

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Gastronomy is something essential in our lives and influences areas as different as fashion or design. In fact, currently the decoration inspired by gastronomy is a trend in the world of design, which increasingly uses culinary elements to launch new products. Being a personal expression, both cooking and fashion are closely linked and it is common for one to feed off the other, never better said.

One of the latest trends that has gone viral on social networks are stools in the shape of food. For example, the Australian brand Third Drawer Down has found a vein in this inspiration and has created stools with corn on the cob, hamburger, hot dog, ice cream or pineapple. They also have pots or lamps inspired by gastronomy.

Ikea also joined this trend in its collaboration with New Zealand designer Sabine Marcelis, launched in January. Within the VARMBLIXT collection there is room for a doughnut-shaped lamp, one of the designer’s most iconic shapes. The New Zealander also turned to this sweet foodstuff to create some eye-catching seating.

Another iconic doughnut is the float which, although not a decorative element per se, is also a very recurrent and colorful accessory during the summer season. Other culinary inspirations around the floats that populate the pools and beaches are watermelons or lollipops.

Candles and gastronomy, recurring inspiration

Returning to decorative elements of the home, the craze for candles has also led many brands to launch products with gastronomic shapes. The Gohar brand, for example, has a line dedicated to candles with food as curious as a gruyère cheese, a bottle of wine, a fried chicken wing or a loaf of bread. The brand also has other products such as a tableware in the shape of an artichoke.

Food candles have also reached other brands such as Urban Outfitters, which has shapes such as croissant, eggplant or corn cobs. In addition, its culinary catalog is completed with vases of strawberry or orange juice brick, or jewelry storage in the form of cherries.

In the world of coasters, you can also find great inspiration in elements as diverse as food. We have found this set of coasters composed of all the ingredients of a hamburger: from the meat to the bread, tomato, cheese, lettuce or onion. The complete kit!

What other decor elements do you remember with inspiration from the world of gastronomy?


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