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50 Hilarious Posts Of Ridiculous Home Decor And DIY With Funny Sarcastic Commentary

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes it feels like certain people are really stretching this idea to its limits. From fashion, to cars and food, some folks just embrace being different and this is just as true for home decor and design.

We’ve gathered some of the worst and most chaotic home design choices on the internet. From rooms straight out of a fever dream to the sort of hazards that would make an insurance agent faint, get comfortable as you scroll through, upvote your favorites and be sure to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.


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My Girlfriend’s Vegan Cousin Says She Feels My Kitchen Is A Hostile Environment. I Don’t McCare

BullTerrierMomm Report


Looks Like My Best Friends Toilet Is Getting Married. What Else Shall I Bring? Something Blue, Borrowed?

OffMyRocker62 Report

The “sins” of home design are many, ranging from boring and uninspired taste to some of the absolutely unhinged ideas seen here. Setting aside questions of taste, as everyone is free to do what they want with their own space, it’s always important to have a solid idea of what you are trying to accomplish.

If you want a room that is a strange shrine to whatever you are into, that is fine (within reason) but it’s very easy to make a useless shrine, surrounded by clashing decorations. Similarly, if you want a bedroom that is reminiscent of batman’s dreams, go for it, but you then really have to think about the light sources.

Having a clear vision is more than just an idea, it’s understanding your limitations and budget. What furniture will you need and can you even find something that matches your vision? How much can you alter the space, i.e. install light fixtures or new wallpaper. One reason many apartments take that sterile, white “Airbnb” look is that it makes shopping for decorations easier.


Such A Pain When I Get Into The Shower And Someone Goes Into The Basement. What Suggestions Do You Have To Help With This Design? I’m Tired Of Falling Down The Stairs When I Get Out Of The Shower

Marty_61 Report


My Ceiling Seems So Flat. Do You Think A Ceiling Rug Will Bring The Room Together?

lynivvinyl Report

After all, if the room’s aesthetic is more uncommon, fixing, upgrading and changing things will simply take longer. A room centered around a bunch of stuffed animals is interesting, at least to some, but cleaning it will be a nightmare and “adding” to this aesthetic is not particularly easy as well.


My 82 Year Old Mom Says She Can’t Use These. I Told Her I Could Put Bubble Wrap On The Floor. What Else Can I Do? (She Is A Chronic Complainer)

planetdaily420 Report


My Wife Said I Could Pick One Area In Our House And Do “Whatever I Wanted”

caddy77040 Report

As with so many other things, people also tend to overestimate their ability. Sort of like accidentally cooking enough pasta for a family of six because you didn’t want to measure it out, it’s just as easy to get items that, in a vacuum, are lovely, but in your room are just way too big.


Not Looking For Advice. Just Proud Of My Christmas Set Up 😁☺️ I Know It’s Not Perfect 👍🏻🏡my Slice Of Heaven💞

grapegum Report


Husband Gifted Me This Fire Pit For The Living Room But I Think It Looks Dated. How Can I Fix This?

chihuahuabutter Report

Remember, a thing’s size doesn’t just determine how it looks, it will affect how the things around it look. If you get a massive, imposing shelf, you best be ready to fill it up with stuff, otherwise it will look simply ridiculous. A giant bed might be comfortable, but you have to then be ok having almost no extra space if your room is small.


Sorry If Wrong Sub But I Don’t Know Much About Houses. I Told My Contractor I Wanted Moroccan Roof Tiles For My Mediterranean Home. Are The Goodyear Aquatreds A Good Choice?

CrazyAssBlindKid Report

It’s also vital to think about light. After all, everything you’ve seen with your eyes has been transmitted as light. Many people fall into the trap of designing this lovely room and then thinking about the light as a sort of afterthought. In general, the directions, the type of light and the intensity of light needs to be something you think about immediately, if only to know where to put light fixtures and power outlets.


What Colour Do You Think I Should Paint This Room. (Sorry Grandma Was Taking A Nap)

Marty_61 Report

Another trap one can see in places where folks have lived for a while is the refusal to get rid of old items. Vintage antiques can be cool, but more often than not, old furniture wasn’t that great to begin with. It’s possible to have too much, so one “easy” improvement would be to finally get rid of the things you just don’t need anymore.


Wife Asked For A Master Bathroom Off Of Our Bedroom. Do You Have Any Suggestions How I Can Improve My Remodel? I Want Her To Love It

TastyDeerMeat Report

On the other end of the spectrum are the people who love a minimalist look. This is by no means bad, it’s bright, it’s clean, it really helps reduce clutter. But, as can be seen in some of the examples here, if everything is a brilliant bright white, you might end up with major eyestrain, like staring at sand on a beach when the sun is blazing down.


I Think This Staircase Really Rocks! But Not Everybody Does. How Can I Improve It?

goodSnuggler Report

Last, but not least, it’s also quite easy to forget that a room, hallway or really anything else is meant to be used, not just looked at. Perhaps banisters on your stairs mess up the look, but they also stop you from breaking a leg, or worse. If you are going to be interacting with something every day, while tired, hungover, with a lightbulb missing or really anything else, it’s best to make it pretty accessible. Sometimes issues that seem small at first can really become major irritations later.


I’ve Got The Giant Spider Lamp And Red Walls…i Want My Guests To Feel Really Unsettled. What Else Should I Add?

Winter-Owl1 Report


Should I Make My Sink Carpeted? For A Seamless Transition

gnomie51 Report


I Appreciate Everyone’s Advice On Getting Some Houseplants To Liven Up The Place. How’s It Looking Now?

CrazyAssBlindKid Report

A classic example of this is the “Norman door,” which is, simply put, a door that is unintuitive to use. You slam into it, thinking that it’s a push door, or perhaps it looks automatic, but isn’t. Without thinking about it, we often make similar choices in our homes because something looks cool or we don’t really plot out how it will change our day to day. So if you want to see more “questionable” designs, check out our other article on them.


Twins On The Way. How Can I Make Sure They Learn To Climb Quickly?

DarnHeather Report


Left Hubby. Created Sensual Bedroom To Lure A Man Who Appreciates A Real Woman. Thoughts?

AmazingGrace_00 Report


Do You Guys Think I Should Paint The Ceiling In This Room Or Leave It?

Marty_61 Report


I’m A 28 Yr Old Woman. Is My Room Too Immature And Cluttered? I Know It’s Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

flaweddemonicgirl Report

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