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A look back at Christmas decoration trends of 2017

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Neighbourhoods are all aglow with twinkly lights and holiday trimmings — some residents opt for a traditional look while others experiment with the latest festive accessories.

Stacey McLachlan, executive editor of Western Living magazine, has been watching Christmas decoration trends for months leading up to the big day.

“Recently, we’ve seen a return to nature —  bringing the outdoors in,” she told CBC guest host of B.C. Almanac Dan Burritt.

Of course, she said, Christmas trees and wreaths have always been staple decorations but lately there has been a move toward embracing organic textures.

“[People are] using branches in interesting ways and putting aside the glitz and the gaudy baubles and things like that in favour feathers and pinecones,” McLachlan said.

Alongside a turn to more nature-based elements, people are shunning plastic decorations.

“There’s a return to this authenticity,” she said. “And in that, turning away from plastic things and more into investment pieces.”

Metallic colours and natural elements are in, plastic is out. (Submitted by Damien Packwood)

Declutter, simplified 

Many of those quality vintage decorations are family heirlooms, McLachlan said, but the way people are using them has shifted over the past years.

“What I’m seeing a lot of is people selecting just a few very special ornaments that they’ve always had and incorporating — or highlighting — those in new ways,” she said.

That might mean choosing just a few special ones to put on the tree instead of a dozen boxes of decorations, or highlighting a piece or two in a frame.

“We’ve seen, just in terms of decor and homes in general, a turn toward decluttering and simplifying,” she explained.

Red and green are not the only holiday colours this year. (Robert Short/CBC)


Another big trend this year, McLachlan said, is alternative colour schemes. Red and green remain the classic colours but more people are opting for combinations like navy and gold or deep pinks and peaches.

Individual colours aside, metallics still remain one of the most popular choices over the holidays whether as vintage tinsel or metalwork ornaments.

“The reason that metallics are so popular around the holidays is because they reflect light in such a beautiful way and light is such an important part whether it’s from lights on the tree or candles,” she said.

Trends come and go but the spirit of Christmas decorating doesn’t change, McLachlan said.

“The most important thing about Christmas decor, trends aside, is that you are making a space that you feel happy in,” she said.  

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With files from B.C. Almanac.


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