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Summer 2024 Home Decor Trends We Want to Keep

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Home design trends in any year contradict themselves. For 2023, designers said it was the year of organic materials and muted greens, while other designers were painting walls black for dark academia bedrooms—complete with crows. Trends come and go, but we can use them to inspire ourselves and create our idea of a happy place. No matter how different we all may be, there’s a design trend for each of us—even if it includes crows. 

When home decorating, the goal is to find colors and elements that you like and that support the look you want to achieve, and then give them a try. The trick comes in finding a way to try 2024 trends without making major changes that you’re not ready to live with for the long haul. From the many, many trend lists we’ve looked at this year, we’ve chosen styles and elements that run the gamut from bold to understated, and modern to traditional. Whether you’re a moody crow lover or a modern farmhouse diehard, you’ll find something in this year’s trends to up-level your look.

1. Quiet Luxury

A warm neutral living room with full length windows shows soft furnishings and organic materials.
Designer: ANA Interiors. Photographer: Ana Cummings

If you’ve scrolled your feeds looking for home design ideas recently, you’ve seen #quietluxury trending. This understated approach to posh emphasizes quality and craftsmanship over flash and bling. Paring down decor, keeping clutter at a minimum, confining colors to muted neutrals, and adding quiet luxury ingredients are meant to inspire calm. The centerpiece of a quiet luxury living space is the cloud couch, a white sofa with a puffy seat and back pillows stuffed with goose down. 

“Quiet luxury is here to stay,” says Morgan Olsen, Thumbtack’s home and design expert. Homeowners are done with loud luxury trendy pieces and are being very intentional with their spending. 2024 will be about craftsmanship over big brands and labels, as homeowners look for reclaimed materials and quality furniture.” 

That means buying pieces that last decades rather than the 3 or 4 years of mass-produced furniture. “But who said you have to get the cloud couch?” asks Olsen. Instead, find secondhand furniture by quality makers and reupholster it. Or pare down your wall art and knickknacks, then add goose-down throw pillows and a luxurious throw like this State Cashmere Striped Throw Blanket to your existing neutral sofa. 

2. Healthy Habits

A plunge pool is surrounded by flagstones in the backyard of a contemporary home.
Designer: Kelley Design Group.
Builder: CKN Capital Group.
Photographer: Cate Black Photography

Bringing wellness closer to home is no longer a luxury but an essential for many people, especially for exercise and spa experiences. “Homeowners will continue to turn their homes into wellness retreats, prioritizing features that have health benefits,” says Olsen. 

According to the 2024 Houzz U.S. Emerging Summer Trends Report, with cold plunge pool, indoor sauna, and backyard sauna all rising in search frequency in the first quarter of the year, compared with Q1 2023. At-home exercise has evolved from a stationary bicycle, with searches for bocce court, bowling alley, and game room all higher than last year. Mentions of pickleball courts on Zillow are up 64 percent over last year. People are looking for homes with private courts and nearby public courts. Pickleball in the driveway, anyone?

In addition to saunas, Amanda Pendleton, Zillow home trends expert, lists spa bathrooms and red-light therapy rooms among the features home buyers are using to complement wellness routines. While replacing a bathtub with a walk-in spa shower is a trend for remodeling projects, you can spend far less and create a spa bath at home with simple switches. Create a relaxing atmosphere by focusing on all five senses. Replace the counter clutter with a flower arrangement or basket of fluffy towels. Choose soft textures in muted colors and a comfy bath pillow, like this Luxurious Cork Bath Pillow by LIVTUUshop at Etsy. Add the soothing scent of essential oils and a source of meditative sound. Don’t forget a glass of cucumber water.

3. Hidden Spaces

A reading room is decorated with neutral furnishings and grey bookshelves.
Courtesy of Ruhl | Jahnes Architects.
Photographer: Nat Rea

Nothing beats a cozy reading nook, according to the 2024 Houzz U.S. Emerging Summer Trends Report. Searches for library walls, reading corners, and book nooks have all gone up this year. Secret spaces have long been a favorite for people who enjoy a bit of whimsy at home, along with out-of-sight storage. The Houzz Emerging Winter Trends Report, released at the end of 2023, shows that cloaked additions are gaining popularity. Searches for trapdoors are up by 350 percent, and searches for kitchens with hidden pantries rose by 250 percent. Say goodbye to the wet bar in the living room and hello to a secret speakeasy bar and lounge, or a wine bar and cellar under the stairs, both searched more often in 2023. 

If you’re not ready to tear down any walls or excavate the closet under the stairs, create nooks and hidden spaces with a few easy changes. Give more privacy to a window seat by hanging curtains outside the front of the seat rather than against the window. Hide the entrance to a closet with this Door Mural of Antique Bookshelves by Recallart at Etsy. In the kitchen, create a secret pantry by adding vertical wood panels on and around the pantry door. For renters, this Abyssaly Wood Slat Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper at Amazon is removable; homeowners who want a more permanent solution without the hassle of cutting wood can try the Set of 4 PVC Wall Paneling pieces at Wayfair that mount with adhesive.

4. Blues and Greens

A white bed and blue nightstand sit against a blue painted wall.
Courtesy of Brittany Lyons Interiors.
Photographer: Mike Healey Photography

Green is the most popular color this year for home design. No, wait, it’s blue. Blue is the most popular color this year for interiors. Designers differ on this one, but most agree that shades of blue and green are taking center stage in the home. Mitchell Parker, senior editor at Houzz, says blue provides a calming influence. 

Sage and gray-green also are on the rise, according to the Houzz winter report. A barely-there sage functions as a neutral on kitchen cabinets, and a darker gray-green provides contrast to warm neutrals. In true blue fashion, however, several paint companies have chosen a shade of blue as their 2024 color of the year. 

Add contrast to neutral furniture and flooring with blue or green items you already own, gathering throw pillows and blankets, table runners, vases, decorative containers, and framed prints from other rooms. Add a blue or green ribbon trim to curtains or the base of a fabric sofa without a sewing machine by using HeatnBond Hem Iron-On Adhesive at Amazon; seal the trim with a flat iron (used for hair styling) in places you can’t fit onto an ironing board. For a classic look, we like this M&J Trimming Greek Key Fabric Ribbon in denim blue and sage options.

5. The Return of Creams

Kitchen with cream colored cabinets and walnut countertop and shelves with appliance garage open.
Courtesy of kate roos design.
Photography: Andrea Rugg Photography Andrea Rugg Photography

While many new homes are still coated in gray from floor to ceiling, the trend is moving away from this cool palette and back to warmer colors like cream, tan, and brown. Stark white walls are too harsh for this year’s earthy color schemes. Parker says beiges, creamy off-whites, and rich browns are the focus for a warm, welcoming space. 

If you like the look of an all-neutral, off-white room, add textures and patterns, as well as a variety of tones, to create a more layered look, says Parker. The Graham Leather/Suede Lumbar Rectangular Pillow Cover and Insert at Wayfair has a removable cover to swap for a machine-washable option when needed. Swapping accessories has a big impact, especially if you clear the clutter first. We like this Handmade Wood Table Vase, an organic take on the popular ceramic styles, and the Magalia Wood Tray that brings both functionality and latticework texture.

6. Whole Wall Art

Modern living room with gray sofa, chair, table and decoration on hardwood floor in front of multicolored herringbone pattern tiled wall.
Photo: iStock

If you want an abundance of colorful expression in your home design, those cream walls act as a blank canvas perfect for art and pattern. Bold floral wallpaper or a hand-painted mural are both big this year. Zillow’s 2024 home trend report shows that many homeowners are into eclectic, maximalist interiors. Murals in homes for sale are showing up 18 percent more often than last year. The good news is you can learn how to paint a mural even if you’re not an artist, with a bit of painter’s tape and imagination.

Wallpaper also comes in mural patterns, including the peel-and-stick variety beloved by renters and frequent redecorators everywhere. Modern botanicals, landscape vistas, and stripes are trending patterns this year. Guest baths are often the place to start, since the design will make a big impact in a small space without costing a lot of time or money. Murals like this Chinoiserie Watercolor Peacock Wallpaper by FabbWallDecor, can be subtle while bringing interest to a neutral palette. Or make a big impact with this Removable Abstract Wall Art Wallpaper by ONDECORstore, both at Etsy. 

7. Handmade Touches

A white room with antique furnishings is capped by a multi-colored Murano glass chandelier.
Photo: Zillow

This year, embrace handmade pieces that show the inevitable imperfections of craft. Artisans are impacting today’s trends with handmade tiles, hand-thrown serving dishes, and hand-painted murals. Pendleton points to Murano glass chandeliers as an example of the handmade and bespoke features popping up in today’s homes. The colorful light fixtures are featured 58 percent more often in searches on Zillow, despite the sometimes hefty price tag. If this Ares Murano Glass Chandelier at $1,675 is out of budget, support an Etsy artist with this Handmade Dusty Pink Peony Pendant by FloralsBySERRO. 

Handmade items make your home unique and add a personalized touch to any room. The 2023 Houzz U.S. Bathroom Trends report showed that 62 percent of renovating homeowners are choosing a custom or semi-custom vanity. Repurpose a piece of vintage furniture and make your own vanity, or add painted details to an existing model.

8. Brutalism

A living room shows elements of brutalism in furnishings and dark color scheme.
Photo: Zillow

Even if industrial design isn’t your style, the return of brutalism can be a welcome change in today’s homes. Brutalist design uses materials like raw concrete, brick, steel, and bronze. You’ll see organic shapes with raw edges and unpolished surfaces, as well as a streamlined design for functionality. Pendleton says Zillow has seen a 452 percent increase in the number of homes for sale that mention brutalist design.

“The return of brutalism is the most surprising rising trend of 2024, particularly after the hygge movement where homeowners embraced cozy comfort over hard surfaces,” she says. “The hallmarks of brutalist design—raw, organic, and unfinished materials—are already showing up in furnishings, lighting, and accessories. When juxtaposed with overstuffed sofas, curved armchairs, and plush high-pile rugs, brutalist architectural elements can add visual interest and much-needed contrast to a space,” says Pendleton.

9. Style That Sticks

An open concept kitchen with traditional design elements is decorated with wood and neutral colors.
Designer: Molly J Littlejohn Design.
General Contractor: Kraft Custom Construction.
Photographer: Chuck Collier

Some trends stick around for years. Most people are hanging onto their outdoor kitchens and fire pits. Others come and go, like inflatable furniture. No one is missing that squeaky stuff. As interior design trends have bent back toward the traditional and eclectic, designers are emphasizing a focus on timeless style that doesn’t look dated from year to year. 

Parker says modern homes are showing brick, clay tiles, rustic wood, and other materials that signify a legacy rather than a fad. To get a timeless look that works for your space, create meaning through your belongings. A quality collection of original artwork from your travels will never go out of style, nor will vintage area rugs. Antiques are a good bet too because they add contrast to modern accessories. 

White bedding, pleated curtains, and anything with stripes serve as foundational textiles you can build upon as trends change. Truly timeless style is about quality and meaning, so make space in your home for what matters most.


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