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Redpath Hall, Interior Renovation #85 | Procurement Services

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Redpath Hall, built in 1893 and designed by Scottish architect Sir Andrew Taylor (1850-1937), was donated by businessman and philanthropist Peter Redpath (1821-1894) and his wife Grace Wood Redpath (1816-1894). The entire Redpath building, with its stately interior, high ceilings, stained glass windows, exposed beams, and sculpted ornaments, was first constructed to serve exclusively as a library for the University and the larger community.

It has since been converted into a meeting room used for concerts, official ceremonies, and special University events. The Redpath Hall has been under the management of the Faculty of Music since June 1, 1986, to be primarily used as a teaching and performance facility of the Schulich School of Music.

On the walls of Redpath Hall are hung thirty or so portraits of influential chancellors, principals, and generous benefactors, each representing the rich history of the University from its foundation forward. The majority of these portraits were created by important Canadian and British artists, including Robert Harris (1849-1919), John Gilroy (1898-1985), and Gentile Tondino (1923-2001). The chronological display of the works constitutes an interesting representation of how Western trends of official portraiture has evolved over the past two centuries.

Project Description & Project Scope:

  • Asbestos abatement
  • Redo all of the plaster in the main hall
  • Add enhanced lighting for concerts as well as to highlight the numerous portraits of the past chancellors and the stained glass
  • Renovate the main room on the second floor to accommodate historical instruments in a proper climate-controlled space.
  • Replace the movable stage which is nearing end of life
  • Restore decorative wood elements in the ceiling

This is one of our major concert venues as well as a space that is used by others in the University.

Project Details:

Status Under Review
Est. Project Start Date 2024 – 2026
Est. Budget Range  TBD
Location Redpath Hall, Building 181
Project Number TBD
Contact  map.procurement [at] mcgill.ca

Please read the following information carefully :

Sustainable Procurement

The businesses with which the University will contract with in the course of this project will have respect the McGill Supplier Code of Conduct.

Other requirements may apply, such as (for example): the quantification and limiting of GHG emissions over the contract or asset lifecycle, sustainable construction/product certifications, involvement of indigenous businesses or of social economy businesses, design for circularity, and so on.

Notice :

Information in this document is not to be interpreted as a commitment to conduct any solicitation in any particular market (or to fulfill any particular need) within any timeframe. This document is based on preliminary assessments which may be modified and needs may consequently be increased, partially fulfilled or cancelled. The needs of the client units may fluctuate according to their capabilities and priorities.

Moreover, this acquisition plan is subject to various risk factors that have an influence on the operations of McGill University, such as available revenue, inflation, changes in: provincial and federal policies, technologies, human resources, social movements and trends, demographic aspects of the student population and the academic personnel.




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