July 14, 2024

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9 Eclectic And Colourful Home Decor Instagram Accounts For Endless Inspiration

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Minimalist home decor and neutral colour palettes may often be a go-to option for a sense of serenity, but embracing bright colours can add a touch of fun and enhance the eclectic aesthetic of your home. Whether it’s clashing shades, kitschy prints or playful accessories done right, these bold and beautiful Instagram feeds will give you the inspiration you need to give your abode the kaleidoscopic treatment.

Love colour but not sure where to begin? Take your cues from the best interior designers and home lovers, ahead.

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Justina Blakeney / @justinablakeney

Multidisciplinary artist and designer Justina Blakeney is the founder of Jungalow, a lifestyle brand and a creative design and art studio. She has made it her mission to “make your world a bit more colourful, patternful, and jungalicious”. Live vicariously through her account if you’re all about having fun and connecting with nature.

Helen Ford / @homewithhelenandco

@homewithhelenandco is an interiors account packed with inspiration for colour lovers. We love this kitchen filled with pastel shades, the perfect nook to indulge in some tea-time snacks. Browse her feed for more nostalgic, candy-coloured spaces.

Kelly Wearstler / @kellywearstler

Kelly Wearstler is a celebrated interior designer known for her stylish and creative designs that have a distinct soulfulness. She is also a style maven who exudes easy sophistication. See how she melds the worlds of design and fashion on her feed.

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Merete Coleman / @metacoleman_

Love the trend for colour but want a subtler feel? @metacoleman_ is the place to look for inspiration. Her interior works feature a muted yet enchanting palette of sage, ochres, and earthy tones—perfect examples of how to mix colours for a more laid-back look.

Geraldine Tan / @littlebigbell

From blending pastels with saturated shades to mixing up retro shapes, Geraldine Tan shares her love for colour and decorating in her feed. We love her eye for artful details, such as this beautiful lamp and the curated gallery-esque wall of posters.

Dabito / @dabito

Dabito is an author, designer and artist best known for his bold colour palettes, seamless mixing and matching of modern and vintage elements, as well as DIY approach to design. You’ll find cosy spaces, eclectic pieces and vivid hues.

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Fiona Nicholson / @fionasfamilylovesandriots

Brimming with a stylish assortment of kitschy objects, furniture, and wallpaper that have a touch of rock ‘n’ roll and a quirky, feminine vibe, @fionasfamilylovesandriots takes pattern and colour clashing to the next level. A scroll through is a visual feast for the eyes, instantly brightening a rainy day.

Laura Hall / @thehexagonalhouse

A ray of sunshine in home decor format, @thehexagonalhouse has an abundance of fun ideas to experiment with if you’re looking to inject your home with individual style and personality. Think: DIY tutorials on painting your door edges, achieving a wallpaper look with less, creating a reading nook, and more.

Janine Genower / @houseofedencourt

Art director and designer Janine Genower’s abode is filled with energetic shades, greenery and the graphic prints that keep the overall feel cheerful and joy-inspiring. Add warmth and vibrancy to your favourite space with her useful videos—from how to incorporate rugs in your home, to her top vintage picks and transformation projects.


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