July 23, 2024

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8 Interior Design Trends Going Away In 2024

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Are you planning to renovate your home or give it a refresh in 2024? You probably want your space to look and feel new. Trends have been interesting for the past few years. There’s been a lot of quick cycling through TikTok microtrends for the home such as Barbiecore while many major trends have been sticking around far past their prime.

Whether you’re investing money in a major renovation or doing a simple refresh, it’s crucial to go with something current so the space isn’t both brand new and dated at the same time. Here are eight interior design trends going away in 2024 according to interior designers.

Grey Accents

From walls to sofas and tile, grey was considered stylish for years. But now that time is up explains Dianne O’Connor, Founder and CEO of Weston Table. “Grey is out. The world is too upside down to consider any color that could be interpreted as somber and serious.”

On the other hand, Isy Runsewe of Isy’s Interiors calls this look a “flipper fiasco,” because it was so popular during the house-flipping craze of the past decade. “With excessive use of grey, there’s an inevitable reliance and overuse on balancing the cool grey and whites—leading to everything looking like a dolphin. Or, arguably worse— impersonal and outright sterile.”

It also seems as if many people are shying away from overly neutral spaces. “Right now everywhere I look I’m seeing bold pattern, texture, and color,” says interior designer Kate Dawson. “Since Covid, I’ve noticed my clients all wanting more personality in their homes. They want to make a statement with bright colors, bold murals, and colorful textiles.”

Sliding Barn Doors

While most of us have finally bid farewell to the live, laugh, love sign—sliding barn doors are also sliding out of style in 2024, according to Runesewe. “Barn doors are impractical and fail to perform any of the necessary functions of a door. They do a poor job of blocking light, sounds, and smells. Most rooms have doors for privacy. It’s best to avoid them in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and closets.”

She also notes that barn doors rarely complement the overall design scheme of a home. “Unless it’s already leaning into a farmhouse look, which has been a long-gone trend.”

Ultra Modern Minimalism

Less will no longer be more in the coming year. “Ultra-modern minimalism is out for 2024! We’re seeing a push towards more layered spaces full of color and pattern. Gone are the days of white walls and cookie-cutter layouts as unique configurations and ornate architectural details are having a comeback,” says Samantha Stathis-Lynch of Samantha Ware Design.

More will finally be more in 2024, with unique features and details becoming coveted design features. “Expect to see more curves, but not necessarily in your bubble sofa or swivel chair. Clients are asking for barrel-vaulted ceilings, arched doorways, and rounded windows, all of which create character and add softness to a space. To round out the lived-in feel, all things vintage are a must as they add patina and depth to your space.”

The Grand Millennial Aesthetic

Grand Millennial has been hanging on for quite a while, but Susan Klimala of TKS Design Group tells me this look will evolve in 2024. “Instead of grand millennial, let’s talk about grown-up maximalism, where color, texture, and geometric shapes can now participate.”

Dining Benches

Dining rooms tend to fall victim to the “matchy-matchy” look. So many people opt to mix up seating by using dining benches and chairs. But Runsewe tells me this look has reached its peak. “Don’t get me wrong, I love a well-designed built-in banquette, but long freestanding bench seating in lieu of dining chairs is impractical and uncomfortable. Sure, they seat at least three people, but when put to use, they’re problematic,” he says. “Everyone’s experienced it when multiple people have to get up and move themselves, and oftentimes the bench itself allows people to excuse themselves from the table.”

White Everything

From white walls to white sofas and window treatments, white was the “it” neutral for so many years. But now tastes are skewing towards warmer neutral hues. “We are definitely going away from flat white walls and in a direction incorporating walls with movement and texture as it gives a warmer feel,” says Lindye Galloway, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop.

This also means those white kitchens with marble countertops and cabinets are starting to look dated “White kitchens are on their way out. While they had a strong moment, there’s a heavy pull away from this towards stain grade cabinets and warmer vs. cooler tones that make a room feel warmer.”

Pale Green

Along the same lines, pale green is also going away in 2024. Mary Alice Palmer, Global Creative Director and Founding Principal, and Olga Acosta, Global Practice Director and principal of ROAM Interior Design call this hue, “Ready for retirement.”

They aren’t incorrect. “Once known as ‘Hospital Green,’ the color resurfaced in the 80’s as ‘Seafoam,’ and no one mourned its departure in the 90’s. It may be soothing, but it is certainly not lovably rich, warm, or inviting.”

If you love green, opt for richer, darker hues including huter and olive shades, especially for kitchen cabinetry.

Curved Sofas

Palmer also tells me curved sofas will be far less ubiquitous in 2024. “Enough already! Once evocative of mid-century design, they have cropped up in everything to the exclusion of all else.”

While curved sofas have a gorgeous aesthetic, people are finally starting to realize they are impractical pieces of furniture that can be uncomfortable to sit on.


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