April 23, 2024

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4 Luxury Home Design Lessons from “House of Ali” Star Ali Budd

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If you’ve yet to indulge in Hulu’s latest design docuseries, House of Ali, prepare to be captivated. The show delves into the captivating world of million-dollar home renovations, led by Ali Budd and her talented team of female artists, interior stylists, and business experts at Toronto-based design firm Ali Budd Interiors.

‘My design aesthetic is a reflection of my upbringing and experiences,’ Ali explains. Drawing inspiration from her parents’ entrepreneurial spirit, lifelong passion for creativity, and extensive travels, Ali infuses her designs with elements from ‘diverse cultures, art, architecture, and everyday experiences.’ The result? An interior design style that ‘celebrates individuality, embraces uniqueness, and prioritizes comfort and livability.’

ali budd
Ali Budd

Through House of Ali, viewers gain a firsthand look at the decor, drama, and challenges inherent in the luxury home design sphere. Ali Budd, the President & Principal Designer of her eponymous firm, is the driving force behind it all. Her approach to interior design is as candid as it is innovative, reflecting a rich tapestry of lived experiences.

Ali Budd Interiors.

(Image credit: Valerie Wilcox)

While luxury living often conjures images of extravagance devoid of practicality, Ali says that it’s part of her mission to redefine the concept. Whether showcased on her Hulu series or in her everyday work as a designer, Budd is committed to crafting spaces that are “not only visually stunning but also functional and tailored to each client’s lifestyle.”


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