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20 Top Bathroom Trends for 2023, According to Design Experts

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Lighter Tones, But Not White

cream tone bathroom
Chad Mellon

“The all-white look is beginning to fade out more and more. People will still take the essence of lighter tones but lean toward taupe, cream, light pinks and warmer woods to balance spaces.” — Lindye Galloway, interior designer


Decorative Lighting

marble vanity with round mirror and decorative lights
Steven Dewall

“From pendants to sconces and ornate ceiling lights, bathroom spaces have become prime spaces for showcasing decorative lighting. Beautiful bathroom lighting can contribute to a soothing atmosphere and offer a sculptural element while still supporting the room’s functionality.” — Sarah Barnard, interior designer


Mix and Match Tiles

blue and white tile shower
James Stanley

“Think of taking textured tiles and mixing them with a flat surface, whether on the wall, floor or both. Taking geometric patterns and installing them in such a way that the pattern fades out into a solid design. Talk about a chic custom look without the extra cost.” — James Stanley, architectural designer

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Japandi Design

bathroom trends
Kacey Gilpin

“Japandi design style is up and coming, and it will carry on into 2023 and beyond. Its Scandinavian design meets Japanese influence — slatted wood, black wood stains and modern shapes. We’re using black, chrome or white for our metals, not really bringing in any of the gold.” — Kelsey McGregor, founder of Kelsey Leigh Design Co


Blending Styles

powder room with mural wallpaper
Rebecca Westover

“People are leaning more toward artistic blends of traditional and different eras of the the past, like Art Deco and Art Nouveau integrations. Give the smaller areas, like powder rooms, a little more interest adds to the overall character of the home.” — Marissa Pope, interior designer


Tile Wall Designs

bathroom trends tile walls
Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

“Tile can be installed on the walls of a bathroom in place of paint or wallpaper. I’ve used dark tile on the back wall for a sophisticated contrast.” — Caren Rideau, founder of The Kitchen Design Group

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Nature-Inspired Elements

neutral bathroom with soaking tub and light woods
Mark Sohby Photography

“I foresee natural wood tones and serene spaces being a key part of design in 2023. Incorporating exterior elements in the home with materials and organic features such as woods, concrete, plaster, rounded edges and earthy tones.” — Jessica Stull, owner of Parker Interiors


Dusty Blues and Greens

dusty blue cabinet
Lauren Pressey

“I love a dusty green or blue bathroom. It really opens up the palette and allows you to work with so many more complementary hues.” — Kate Lester, interior designer


Spa-Like Bathrooms

large bathroom with floor to ceiling wallpaper, green vanity and soaking tub
Courtsey of Scheer & Co.

“This season, we’re really going to see a rise in what I like to call, ‘The New Statement Bathroom.’ This is a bathroom that makes me feel like I’ve been whisked away to a spa overlooking water. It means luxurious finishes (like natural stone and unlacquered brass), a large soaking tub, framed views bringing the outside in and cabinetry that looks and feels like you’d see in a high-end cocktail bar.” — Killy Scheer, Scheer & Co.

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The Bath Tub As a Focal Point

luxurious soaking tub
James Carriere

“A spa bathroom is always on trend. Bathrooms should serve as a respite from the outside world, a place to decompress and recharge. “— Sabra Ballon, ballonStudio


Irregular Mirrors

bathroom trends cool mirrors
Haylei Smith

“In the next year, we’ll see more unique decor incorporated into bathrooms. This can range from artwork and hardware pieces to mirrors. I love that fun mirrors bring a touch of whimsy to a space.” — Lance Thomas, Thomas Guy Interiors


All White Walls and Cabinetry

all white bathroom trend with textures

“An all-white bathroom is always calming and in style, but adding natural touches to the space — like wood mirrors and wicker baskets — gives it that much-needed contrast to make it interesting and inviting.” — Karen Wolf, K+Co Living

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Textured Tiles

bathroom trends 2023
Steven Dewall

“Textured, decorative tile is likely to gain popularity in 2023. The shapes add decorative interest, dimension and artistry to a space, particularly for hand-crafted or highly detailed tiles. Uniquely textured tile may also catch shadows or reflect light, contributing to the room’s overall mood as lighting is modified.” — Sarah Barnard, interior designer


Gold Accents

pink bathroom vanity
Jenifer McNeil Baker

“Depending on the tone, gold goes with almost any color. However, it especially pairs well with neutrals. I personally love to use gold for light fixtures and cabinet hardware.” — Eddie Maestri, principal architect of Maestri Studio


Bold (and Custom) Elements

bathroom trends 2023
Courtesy of House of One

“It’s all about a statement bathroom in 2023. That means a neutral color palette and incorporating various elements like stone, custom millwork, wall coverings and beautiful accessories to make the space pop.” — Brittany Farinas, CEO + Creative Director of House of One

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Stone Showers

bathroom trends stone shower
Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

“Showers covered in stone slabs are easy to clean, as dirty grout is not a concern. Stone is a classic material and a statement on its own.” — Caren Rideau, founder of The Kitchen Design Group


Floating Shelves

neutral bathroom with tub and tile
Courtesy of Nickson Living

Incorporating open-air shelving into your bathroom is a great way to add storage and give your space a hospitality feel. We recommend using organic elements, like natural wood or stone, to tie current trends into your existing space.” — Cameron Johnson, CEO & founder of Nickson Living


Colorful Cabinetry

bathroom trend red cabinetry
Mackenzie Merrill

“Unexpected colors can do marvels for a bathroom. The use of burnt sienna here adds a much-needed element of warmth while keeping the overall feeling of the bathroom minimal and elevated.” — Amy Leferink, Interior Impressions

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Pedestal Sinks

pedestal sink in neutral bathroom
Courtesy of Swike Design

“I’m seeing more pedestal sinks. Freestanding pedestal sinks create a moment of visual interest.” — Sarah Weichel, Swike Design


Dark Finishes

bathroom with dark wood vanity and black countertop
Shannan Leigh Photography

“Darker colors are coming back. You’ll notice richer, warmer wood tones paired with dark, more saturated finishes. Lots of textures will be showing up in all ways. ” — Rebecca Rollins, interior designer

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