July 23, 2024

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18 Design Standouts From 3 Days of Design

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Home Front is a twice-weekly deep dive into the rising—and returning—trends, decor, and teeniest of design details fresh on our radar. Last week, Sam, Domino’s managing editor, looked back at her whirlwind work trip to Denmark.

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“I don’t know what they’re going to do about the name.” This was the chorus I heard again and again last week while I was in Copenhagen for the annual 3 Days of Design festival. With over 400 exhibitions this year (50 percent more than in 2023!), 3 Days has started to look a lot more like 4 or 5, with previews beginning a day early and parties proliferating into the weekend. With the expansive mix of heritage brands and startups, plus a growing international presence, it was impossible to visit every showroom and store in 72 hours. But whether by boat, taxi, bike, or on foot, I hightailed it to as many exhibitions as possible—here’s my recap.

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  1. NYC-based Ladies & Gentlemen Studio presented its Altostratus lighting collection, made with a mix of textured and silky-smooth Kvadrat textiles, in Danish designer Signe Hytte’s group show, Enter the Salon. Appropriately cloudlike!
  2. At Rue Verte, I poked around Faye Toogood’s Assemblage 8 installation of new pieces, which included a mossy-hued Gummy chair and lilac-adorned Palette table. Linde Freya Tangelder, founder of Antwerp-based Destroyers/Builders, was also showing her lacquered furniture, which she revealed is actually made of wood (!).
  3. German designer Sebastian Herkner was everywhere, but I most love his work with Kaufmann Keramik, the newest of which is the Yuma ceramic bench, which can curve around a stove or fireplace.
  4. Pinch took over the Mark Kenley Domino Tan store near the picturesque Nyhavn waterfront district to present its latest additions to its cocoonlike sofa system. Would have taken a nap in the armchair if my schedule allowed.
  5. At Framing, a curated group exhibition of brands held at Odd Fellow Palace, I spotted several reissues of rugs by designer Eileen Gray. As a former museum worker, I was drawn to the geometric De Stilj, named after a Dutch art movement in the early 20th century.
  6. The newly formed Objective Studies platform brought together several designers in a small showcase in the Østerbro neighborhood. Juhl & Lange’s basketry and Sébastien El Idrissi’s Stack planter both stayed with me. Simple and functional, yet in elegant forms. 
  7. I will be enrobing my bed in the new Tekla x Artek collection, which is splashed in Aino Aalto’s Kirsikankukka pattern. It was originally inspired by a scarf she was gifted by the Japanese ambassador to Finland.
  8. Everyone was ogling a fuzzy desk at the House of Nordic Design, but I couldn’t stop staring at Swedish designer Gustav Carlberg’s perforated steel Skir chair. 
  9. I wish I had the time to make the trek to Salem Charabi’s studio exhibition, A Thousand Moons, which featured 38 pieces of furniture crafted over a two-year period for a single residence.
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